when the DoD requested the 3d printed gun data be eliminated from the internet, a couple things happened.

  The Streisand impact went into full force. The data was shared around as well as can still be discovered easily.

  I all of a sudden realized that I was going to be printing a 3d printed gun as well as doing one more short article on it even though I had just written an viewpoint piece about exactly how I don’t care.

I’m not above admitting that it is childish of me. I was told I couldn’t have this thing as well as all of a sudden I understood I had to make it. I see it with my youngsters all the time. toys can sit in a corner collecting dust for ages, however the second it is in risk of being removed, they have renewed interest, at least for a few minutes.

I figured, if I’m going to be childish about it as well as print a gun that a) won’t work since I don’t have the best printer, as well as b) I won’t utilize anyway since I don’t typically play with guns, I may also make a fun timelapse video of the much more recognizable parts being made.

It at first seemed like it was going to be quick as well as easy. However, I rapidly discovered that just printing this thing was going to be a time consuming as well as aggravating task.

1. the scale on the private data was method off. 

I suspect this has something to finish with the printer it was developed for. It seemed extremely close to being 1 inch = 1 mm. Not a totally uncommon problem. Manually resizing got some data to look right, however I discovered numerous just wouldn’t resize.

2. practically every single product had errors.

If you’ve done 3d printing, you’ve discovered that a design can have all type of problems that will stop it from printing correctly. I discovered every single product for the gun had errors. I really discovered a great deal about exactly how to repair work non-manifold products from this exercise, so it was great in the end.

Some items, like the hammer as well as the hammer springs just would not print. I ran them with systems to repair work them as well as repair errors. It would state that whatever was fixed, however when I tried to “slice” them for printing, the software application would crash.  This implies that my gun is incomplete. It has no hammer. Not truly that huge of a offer to me.

the whole gun
Note that it is missing the hammer mechanism. much more on that later.

trigger spring. great design, I may utilize this concept for something else later

black: preliminary print with errors. Red: fixed print.

the gopro fell into the printer stopping it from moving the bed correctly. You can see the top two layers are shifted about an inch. The rest of that mess is just support material I was ripping out.

The hammer that refused to print properly in spite of repeated repairs.

what the hammer was expected to look like.

the spring that crashed my slicing program each time I tried to prepare it for a print.

Do I care now?

Nei. I climbed to the top of the fridge as well as got my cookies. I’m a pleased child. The truth is that a zip gun is still cheaper, easier, safer, as well as much more reliable. Here’s an example.